Happy New Year Monique and thanks again for your insights! Additionally, I love your 'out loud' thinking and your sense of adventure/willingness to be involved.

IDEA - what if (as a group) we put together a global online event maybe titled "The 60 Soapbox".

Invite your subscribers to nominate a speaker in the country they live in, who is then invited to present.

In the 60 minute program - Host has (5 mins intro, 5 minutes midway, 5 minutes conclusion) leaves 45 minutes. Each speaker - intro 1 minute (by host), then 3 minute presentation. So 11 speakers from different parts of the world sharing 3 minutes of wisdom. A little fast and furious, however this gives the event a VIBE and a sense of passion?

Attendees pay $30 to attend (.50c a minute). We could do one a month (12 for the year).

Maybe some in various countries volunteer to 'assist you' and they vet/curate the speakers in their country. Yes there needs to be more meat on the bones however interesting?

I'm in if you're interested?

Doug F (from Down Under Australia)

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