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From virtual spaces to audio-only events, from concerts within game worlds to a sign language for video calls, every aspect of the event industry seemed to be changing during the pandemic years – but the basic needs underlying our desire to get together are unchanged. So what is the future of events?

This newsletter combines my observations on the new world of online and hybrid events with an overview of relevant developments in the event space.

If you are working in the event industry, are interested in digital developments, or are just curious about how we will meet online, this is the newsletter for you!

How often will you mail me?

‘‘Irregularly’’. Ok, it has been a while! Almost two years since the last issue? Resuming the newsletter in 2023, though. Each newsletter will contain an observation inviting your feedback.

Ultimately, I want to pull together a publication on the future of events. This might take me a few years at the rate I am going, I know. Nevertheless, feedback, suggestions, and tips are always welcome!

Who is Monique van Dusseldorp?

I am an Amsterdam-based curator of events and seminars on media, technology, and innovation. Over the last 25 years, I have dedicated myself to finding the best stories, the most interesting entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists and putting them on stage. It is my role to find interesting people, projects, and ideas and provide them with the audience and the platform they deserve.

I often work on events for many years as curator and/or moderator of the program of sessions and speakers. My present list of events includes CogX (London), Nextconf (Hamburg), Immersive Tech Week (Rotterdam), Tweakers Developers Summit (Utrecht), Cross Media Cafe (Hilversum), Emerce Eday (Amsterdam), and a series of Dataxis events (Berlin and Brussels).

My interest is in media and technology - this means I actively follow topics like generative AI, distributed media, spatial computing, Web3, creativity and tech, all kinds of event-related tech, and anything else that is changing our world in interesting ways. And I love moderating sessions - fireside chats, talk shows, and creative brainstorms. Feel free to reach out for a chat about the options!

Van Dusseldorp’s Future of Events newsletter is a personal project.


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Amsterdam based event curator with 30 years of experience creating events that explore technology and innovation.