Van Dusseldorp's Future of events: reminder for two online events this evening

Not a newsletter, just a reminder!

dear sweethearts,

Still working on issue 7 of the newsletter!

For now just a quick reminder of two events this evening…

Hope to find you there!

Kind regards


Tonight, 2 February of the year 2021 at 19:00, I will be a guest on a Club House session by the House of Beautiful Business, to talk about the future of events, together with Benedict Evans (new things), Lisa Choi Owens (TED), Felix Zeltner (Remote Daily) & Edward Cooke (who worked on the Burning Man multiverse). Join us if you can!

And right after I will hop over to Sangria & Secrets with drag queens in Lisbon, which I talked about last week. Join us at 21:00 CET on Zoom if you are as curious as I am. You have to buy your own ticket though (Euro 35).

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